DfE National action plan to tackle child abuse linked to faith or belief (2012)

Information for professionals working with children to prevent child abuse arising from religion or superstition.

HM Government Safeguarding children in whom illness is fabricated or induced (2008)

Guidance on working with cases where it is suspected that a parent or carer is fabricating or inducing illness of a child.

Home Office Information Guide: Adolescent to parent violence and abuse (APVA) (2014)

Provides information and guidance about how to identify and respond to adolescent to parent violence and abuse

DfE Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools (2016)

This non-statutory advice clarifies the responsibility of the school, outlines what they can do and how to support a child or young person whose behaviour - whether it is disruptive, withdrawn, anxious, depressed or otherwise - may be related to an unmet mental health need.

DfE Preventing and tackling bullying (2017)

This document has been produced to help schools take action to prevent and respond to bullying as part of their overall behaviour policy.

DfE Cyberbullying Advice (2017)

This is non-statutory advice from the Department for Education for headteachers and all school staff on how to protect themselves from cyberbullying and how to tackle it if it happens.

DfE Searching, screening and confiscation (Reviewed 2015)

Non statutory guidance intended to explain schools’ powers of screening and searching pupils. In particular it explains the use of the power to search pupils without consent. It also explains the powers schools have to seize and then confiscate items found during a search.

DfE Regulated activity in relation to children

This note provides information on the scope of Regulated Activity in relation to children, defined in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (SVG) Act 2006 and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups (Northern Ireland) Order 2007.

DfE Children missing education for local authorities (2016)

This statutory guidance sets out key principles to enable local authorities in England to implement their legal duty to make arrangements to identify, as far as it is possible to do so, children missing education (CME). This guidance replaces the January 2015 version and can be used as a non-statutory advice by schools.

DfE Statutory guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care (2014)

This statutory guidance sets out the responsibilities of local authorities to protect children who run away or go missing from their family home or from local authority care